Backyard Creek Creatures

Albino Creatures in a Colorful World

Artwork by Michael Kennelly (he/him), longtime @bouldincreekcafeatx Manager and Mosaic Artist.

This show will be on display from October January 2nd- February 6th 2024

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albino creatures in a colorful world,art 1albino creatures in a colorful world,art 2albino creatures in a colorful world,art 3albino creatures in a colorful world,art 4

Snout Art

By Central Texas Pig Rescue


Please take this opportunity to support this amazing non profit! All Snout Art is for sale!! By buying this art you are changing the lives of these amazing animals.

This show will remain up through Feb 5th 2024.

Snout Art,art 1Snout Art,art 2Snout Art,art 3Snout Art,art 4

Things take time

By @quietsoft

Caleb Carrizales is an artist from Dallas, Texas who appreciates the intimacy and focus that a small piece invites.

This show will be on display from October 24- December 5th 2023

Caleb Carrizales,art 1Caleb Carrizales,art 2Caleb Carrizales,art 3Caleb Carrizales,art 4

A Round of Prints

Artwork by @emsbrynart

Emily Bryn is a queer, mexican artist who screen prints slogans about immigration + queer rights! In the series at Bouldin Creek, all of the works for sale are hand pulled screen prints of the slogans on multimedia paper - one of the very few times the prints are available for purchase on paper rather than textiles!

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All artwork is for sale!

This show will be on display Oct.24th - Nov. 28th

Emily Bryn,art 1Emily Bryn,art 2Emily Bryn,art 3

Artwork by @spacewhalestudio

Space Whale is a queer neurodivergent mosaic & stained glass artist. Their work acknowledges and celebrates the interconnectedness of our bodies, nature, & the otherworldly.

If there is a message it is this: Our Bodies are Sacred; Our Nature is Divine.

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This show will be on display Now - Jan 2nd 2024

Space Whale, art 1Space Whale, art 2Space Whale, art 3Space Whale, art 4

Artwork by @damonartsnola

Aaron Damon Porter (he/him) is a third-generation fine artist living and working in North Austin. He moved here in 2022 after ten years of showing his work in New Orleans.

This month's work showcases Aaron's Menagerie collection of wildlife portraits, on view and for sale.

This show will remain up through January 2nd 2024.

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Aaron Damon Porter, art 1Aaron Damon Porter, art 2Aaron Damon Porter, art 3Aaron Damon Porter, art 4

Out From The Shadows

Gigi Grinstad is a naturalist meets mystic. Living and making art in Austin for over a decade, Gigi is influenced by both nature and the esoteric.

Her tarot series is made of watercolor paper that has been painted, then cut up and collaged into the archetypal cards of the Major Arcana.

Her paintings are a also multi step process: she surfaces the paintings with encaustic medium (which is a beeswax and resin mixture), then scribes the line-work into the surface, and then finally paints them with oil paints.

This is the first time she has showcased work outside her home since the pandemic began!

Jan. 25-Feb. 28th

Gigi's art

Flora + Fauna

Artwork by @katiecowden

Katie Cowden was raised in Bryan, Texas by an art teacher and a mad scientist, given mixed media supplies and books for every birthday, and brought up to take traditional materials and techniques from around the world to bend into something entirely new.

After ten years of teaching preschool, she took one laser cutting class and was ready to make her artistic bent into an artistic business. The end result was the eclectic, electric, and ultimately inimitable Killer Queen Designs.

Katie now wields light-based laser blades, barely-there flashes of silver needles, and teeny-tiny paint brushes with equal proficiency to make wearable and museum display worthy artwork in her South Austin studio. And as her repertoire of techniques and materials expands, so too does the Killer Queen empire.

@katiecowden would like to give a shout out to @austincreativereuse for the wooden plaques used in this installation as well as @makeatx where they created the cut out animals on their lasers.


This show will be on display Jan.4th- Feb.7th

Katie's art

Cold Leftovers

Artwork by Power Couple @itscandykuo + @manwithpencil

Candy Kuo and Wade Thompson (aka Fish) are Austin-based partners and muralists.

Candy is a Taiwan-born visual artist and muralist currently based out of Austin, Texas. Her pieces often feature strong female portraiture, bright colorways, playful depictions of local flora and fauna. She blends styles and motifs from her experiences growing up in Taiwan and the Rio Grande Valley, creating an East meets West style. She has been painting murals professionally since 2016.

Based in Austin, Texas, the artist FISH has a unique style that blends graffiti and skateboard culture with the nostalgia of saturday morning cartoons. As a member of the Blue Dozen Collective FISH has traveled throughout the United States and abroad painting walls, including Secret Walls and Pow!Wow!

This show will remain up through March 7th 2023

Bird motif isolated on a background with birdhouse motifsPainting title, Fine Dining , a vulture figure emerging from abstract patternPainting titled, Trouble On My Mind, portrait of a girl with a scarf on her headTitled Morning Commute, this painting depicts a motif of a whale holding waterfront on its back

A Study in Nature

By @bekkabakerart

Bekka Baker is a queer artist living in ATX for the last 10 years. Bekka came to Austin from Beijing, China, where they grew up heavily influenced by Chinese art. A major theme in their work is a love for nature, originating from a childhood spent exploring outside, catching insects and other small animals. You'll find elements of animal life in nature, symbols of death, and symbols of rebirth in much of their work. Bekka also creates digital artwork and illustrations for books.

"A Study in Nature"

As our world begins to warm more and more each year, the threat to our environment and the natural world is more prevalent than ever. Human destruction of the planet is a threat to the existence of thousands of creatures. Each of these creatures is dependent on us to make real change quickly.
As an artist I want to draw attention to this issue by creating portraits of animals. I hope that with each portrait I am able to capture the beauty of each creature that will instil a desire in us all to preserve them.

Grasshopper motif on a sheet music and text background

Artwork by @arsonist_bee

Hello! My name is Abigayle 'Abi', I am a 15-year-old Freshman at Crockett High School, I use she/they pronouns, and have lived in Austin my entire life. I have always loved drawing and painting, but didn't find my passion until the pandemic hit 3 years ago when I needed an outlet. I take inspiration from my interests like the shows I watch, the games I play, things I see on social media, and sometimes things from school. I enjoy using a variety of media when making art but all of my paintings were made using acrylic paint.

• Please support young artists of Austin. All artwork is for sale. This show will remain up through May 9th. •

Art piece by Abigayle

Artwork by @abby.broussard.illustration

Abby Broussard is an illustrator based in Austin, TX. Her art is often described as ”happy art". She loves drawing silly animals and things found in nature. She creates a lot of digital artwork, but also enjoys painting, printmaking and making laser cut mirrored art.

Website -

• All art is for sale and will remain up through May 9th •

Smiling mushroom motif art piece in light blue tones

Sucky Little Art Show

Artwork by Ailee Pettigrew AKA @oddbudout

Ailee Pettigrew is a local artist most known for her screen-printed totes and tees! She was born into a family of artists and has been creating for as long as she can remember. Ailee has always had a distinct art style that people have either loved or hated. Instead of letting critique hinder her, she's used it as fuel to push forward and continue creating art that makes her happy. She believes all art, no matter how sucky, deserves to be celebrated and displayed for all to see.

• All artwork is currently for sale and this show will remain up through June 6th •

oddbudout art

Justin Kipp Art

Instagram - @justinkippart

Vintage health and English text books, vinyl records, record covers, sheet music, comic books from my childhood, typewriters and cook books from the 70s are just a few places where I find the materials to make my art pieces. I enjoy taking images and items from their original place, then repurposing them to tell a new story. Inspiration varies - sometimes it's the position of a head, the look on a face or the shade of color that I have cut out with an xacto knife. These are then laid out in a massive pile before me and a blank canvas, swapping, changing, moving until the finish product comes to fruition.

I currently sell 8x10 prints at Prima Dora on Congress Ave and hope to be at other Austin Stores soon.

• This show will remain up through June 6th 2023. •

justinkippart art 1justinkippart art 2

Canvas Chaos

Sarah was born and raised in Austin Texas in the 1980s . The golden years of the WWF . The athletic ability and showmanship captivated her immediately and early . That passion never dissipated . Cut to 2020 the world came to a halt. Her second passion of hairstyling was put on hold . Her love of wrestling morphed into a re visualizing of her childhood heroes on canvas . The love of painting wrestlers continues with no signs of slowing down .

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All works of art are currently for sale!!

This show will remain up through July 11th 2023.

a painting of a man in a costumea painting of a wrestler flexing his musclesa painting of a wrestler with polka dots

Artwork by Justin Galicz from @thelittlegayshop

The Little Gay Shop is a queer marketplace based in Austin, TX sourcing art, books, apparel, gifts, and more from exclusively members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We pride ourselves in having a diverse, inclusive, and representative set of products so that every person is able to see themselves reflected.

We source items from local, national and international artists and makers.

This collection is a series of items that remind us that pride is not just one month of the year, but 24/7/365.

• All Artwork Is For Sale •

This show will remain up through July 11th 2023.

a pink cowboy boot with a rainbow on itdisco cowboy postergender outlaw art print.we are everywhere sticker

"Redivivus" by @bekkabakerart

Everything in the world is recycled stardust. Every atom in our body was the result of a star’s death millions of light years away. The earth goes through many cycles of its own. Every year the seasons tell the old story of the cycle of rebirth.

Just as we live and experience the physical life cycles, our lives are also in a constant state of death and rebirth. Whether the end of a job or the end of a relationship, parts of ourselves end and then begin again as something new and more evolved.

I would like to welcome the viewer to think about what changes may be occurring in their own lives at this moment and what new life may be born from it.

Meet @bekkabakerart

Bekka Baker is a queer artist living in ATX for the last 10 years. Bekka came to Austin from Beijing, China, where they grew up heavily influenced by Chinese art. A major theme in their work is a love for nature, originating from a childhood spent exploring outside, catching insects and other small animals. You'll find elements of animal life in nature, symbols of death, and symbols of rebirth in much of their work. Bekka also creates digital artwork and illustrations for books.

This show will remain up through August 15th 2023.

a picture of mushrooms on a sheet of musica framed picture of a skull and flowersa butterfly in a frame

Aaron DeGruyter

A collection of wood cutout paintings that explore the complexities of the birth/life/death cycle. To see more work, please visit
This show will remain up through August 15th 2023.

Aaron DeGruyter, a bat portraitAaron DeGruyter, a scythe and a surreal graveAaron DeGruyter, a flaming heartAaron DeGruyter, stairs to the night sky

“ᑕOᑎTᖇOᒪᒪᕮᗪ ᑕᕼᗩOᔑ ᑕOᒪᒪᕮᑕTIOᑎ"
By Manni Mora

Manni Mora is a mixed media artist based in Austin, Texas. Though he has enjoyed painting since he was a child in Laredo, Texas, Manni’s career as an artist began in earnest in 2019, as he worked to donate a portion of his proceeds to local charities. He has since been featured in multiple publications, both online and in print, including Almost Real Things magazine and Voyage Austin.

He has also had his work displayed at Neill Cochran Museum and galleries around Texas. You may also see him and his work at markets all over town. Whether it’s making an abstract or representational work, Manni loves exploring all kinds of media, including acrylic, ink, resin, clay, charcoal, chalk pastels, and oil pastels. Art has no limitations.

✨All artwork is for sale and will be on display August 8th - Sept 19th✨

Manni Mora, various shapes and colorsManni Mora, portrait of a sailor

A Celebration Of Cicadas

By @thehuxleycollection a Bele) Curious u

My love note to Austin cicadas, our summer-long neighbors screaming from the treetops. These silly-zombie critters annually bust out from the ground in a complete trance, looking for higher ground to molt and scream our season's soundtrack for a few months. Thank you for taking a moment to cruise my creations. I hope that they inspire you to bee) curious. About the process All of the insects that you see are real, ethically sourced cicadas found on walks with my dog. No cicadas were harmed in the process of creating the displays shared with you. The Metamorphosis of the Huxley Collection The Huxley Collection was created from a literal and figurative butterfly effect. I came across a yellow African Swallowtail butterfly on a walk after it had just passed. I took it home like a treasure and made my first display a few weeks later. I started making more and sharing them, and here I am, about eight years later. ½ Favorite Bouldin Creek Order: The Renedict or Breakfast Scramwich (both with tofu or eggs), and a vanilla oat milk latte.

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All works of art are for sale!!! This show will remain up through September 19th 2023

Framed map on a wallWhite frame with plants and flowers on a wallFrame with a bug in itFramed picture of a bug on a map

Creepy! Crawlies!

Artwork by @katiecowden

Using tiny brushes, thrifted and upcycled plaques, and wooden shapes she laser cuts herself, Katie Cowden makes art reflecting the creepier side of the natural world. View venomous snakes, poisonous flowers, and creepy crawly creatures in colorful creations, along with familiar Halloween motifs.

• All Artwork Is For Sale •

This show will be on display Sept.19th-Oct.24th 2023

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A square painting of a triangle with flames on itButterfly on a blue shieldPainted oval object with a skull and wingsPainted art piece of a vase

Artwork By Allen Lafuente

@allen_lafuente_art_shack "San Antonio Country"

Allen Lafuente is an Austin-based, gay, mexican-american artist born and raised in San Antonio. This show explores the history and importance of gay spaces and what it means to be queer and live in modern day Texas. Please make sure to give @allen_lafuente_art_shack a follow For more art go to art.

All Artwork Is For Sale This Show Will Be On Display Sept 19th- Oct 24th 2023

Plate with a picture of a person riding a horsePlate with two men kissingHand painted plate with a cowchild hatPlate with a picture of two men