Out From The Shadows

Gigi Grinstad is a naturalist meets mystic. Living and making art in Austin for over a decade, Gigi is influenced by both nature and the esoteric.

Her tarot series is made of watercolor paper that has been painted, then cut up and collaged into the archetypal cards of the Major Arcana.

Her paintings are a also multi step process: she surfaces the paintings with encaustic medium (which is a beeswax and resin mixture), then scribes the line-work into the surface, and then finally paints them with oil paints.

This is the first time she has showcased work outside her home since the pandemic began!

Jan. 25-Feb. 28th

Gigi's art

Flora + Fauna

Artwork by @katiecowden

Katie Cowden was raised in Bryan, Texas by an art teacher and a mad scientist, given mixed media supplies and books for every birthday, and brought up to take traditional materials and techniques from around the world to bend into something entirely new.

After ten years of teaching preschool, she took one laser cutting class and was ready to make her artistic bent into an artistic business. The end result was the eclectic, electric, and ultimately inimitable Killer Queen Designs.

Katie now wields light-based laser blades, barely-there flashes of silver needles, and teeny-tiny paint brushes with equal proficiency to make wearable and museum display worthy artwork in her South Austin studio. And as her repertoire of techniques and materials expands, so too does the Killer Queen empire.

@katiecowden would like to give a shout out to @austincreativereuse for the wooden plaques used in this installation as well as @makeatx where they created the cut out animals on their lasers.


This show will be on display Jan.4th- Feb.7th

Katie's art

Cold Leftovers

Artwork by Power Couple @itscandykuo + @manwithpencil

Candy Kuo and Wade Thompson (aka Fish) are Austin-based partners and muralists.

Candy is a Taiwan-born visual artist and muralist currently based out of Austin, Texas. Her pieces often feature strong female portraiture, bright colorways, playful depictions of local flora and fauna. She blends styles and motifs from her experiences growing up in Taiwan and the Rio Grande Valley, creating an East meets West style. She has been painting murals professionally since 2016.

Based in Austin, Texas, the artist FISH has a unique style that blends graffiti and skateboard culture with the nostalgia of saturday morning cartoons. As a member of the Blue Dozen Collective FISH has traveled throughout the United States and abroad painting walls, including Secret Walls and Pow!Wow!

This show will remain up through March 7th 2023

Bird motif isolated on a background with birdhouse motifsPainting title, Fine Dining , a vulture figure emerging from abstract patternPainting titled, Trouble On My Mind, portrait of a girl with a scarf on her headTitled Morning Commute, this painting depicts a motif of a whale holding waterfront on its back